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Published Dec 2017

Archaeopress Archaeology


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Indo-Roman; Roman Archaeology; Trade; Network; Mediterranean; Consumption; Production; India; Arabia

Archaeopress Roman Archaeology 32

Worlds Apart Trading Together: The organisation of long-distance trade between Rome and India in Antiquity

By Kasper Grønlund Evers

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This book sets out to replace the outdated notion of ‘Indo-Roman trade’, integrating new findings from the last 30 years. Analysis conducted demonstrates that highly substantial levels of trade took place between the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean in the 1st–6th c. altering consumption and production in India, South Arabia and the Roman Empire.



Preface; Introduction; Chapter 1: What’s in a name? A brief historiography of Indo-Roman trade; Chapter 2: Ancient history ‘from below’. Theoretical perspectives; Chapter 3: Turning the tables on Indo-Roman trade; Chapter 4: The invisible hand of Roman organisations; Chapter 5: Demand and supply in Rome and the provinces; Chapter 6: The modus operandi of Roman long-distance trade; Chapter 7: Towards a wider world of trade in the ancient Indian Ocean; Chapter 8: The invisible hand of Indian organisations; Conclusion: Worlds apart trading together; Maps; Bibliography

About the Author

Kasper Grønlund Evers holds master’s degrees in History from Lancaster (UK) and Copenhagen, as well as a PhD from the latter. He has previously published a monograph on the Vindolanda Tablets and the ancient economy.