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H 290 x W 205 mm

186 pages

Illustrated throughout in colour and black & white (115 colour plates)

Published Nov 2017

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781784917159

Digital: 9781784917166

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Iron Age; Hillforts; Durotriges; Dorset; Geophysical survey; Maiden Castle; Hod Hill; Badbury Rings; Hambledon Hill

Hillforts and the Durotriges

A geophysical survey of Iron Age Dorset

By Dave Stewart, Miles Russell

Contributions by Paul Cheetham

Commentary by John Gale

Illustrated by Justin Russell

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This volume sets out the results of a detailed programme of non-intrusive geophysical survey conducted across hillforts of Dorset (UK), generating detailed subsurface maps of archaeological features, in the hope of better resolving the phasing, form and internal structure of these iconic sites.



1. Introduction: The Durotriges Project (Miles Russell and Paul Cheetham) 2. Defining Hillforts in Dorset (Dave Stewart and Miles Russell) 3. A History of Dorset Hillfort Investigation (John Gale) 4. The Survey (Dave Stewart): Abbotsbury; BadburyRings; Banbury; Bulbury; Buzbury; Chalbury; Chilcombe; Coney’s Castle; Dungeon Hill; Eggardon; Flowers Barrow; Hambledon Hill; Hod Hill; Lambert’s Castle; Maiden Castle; Nettlecombe Tout; North Poorton; Pilsdon Pen; Poundbury; Rawlsbury; Spettisbury 5. Understanding Hillforts: What Geophysical Survey is Teaching Us (Dave Stewart) 6. Once Upon a Hill: Uncoupling the Durotriges (Miles Russell) References Acknowledgements