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Published Sep 2017

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781784916916

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Comparative study; Precolumbian; Americas; Maya; Maya lowland; Mycenaean; Greece; Greek; Prehistory; Art; Iconography

Bodies of Maize, Eaters of Grain: Comparing material worlds, metaphor and the agency of art in the Preclassic Maya and Mycenaean early civilisations

By Marcus Jan Bajema

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This book offers a comparative study of the civilisations of the Late Preclassic lowland Maya and Mycenaean Greece. The approach used here seeks to combine traditional iconographic approaches with more recent models on metaphor and the social agency of things.



Summary ;
Chapter One: Introduction ;
Chapter Two: Philosophical - Methodological Issues for Cross-cultural Comparison in Archaeology ;
Chapter Three: Introduction to Mycenaean Early Civilisation ;
Chapter Four: General Characteristics of Mycenaean Art ;
Chapter Five: Contexts and Agency of Mycenaean Art ;
Chapter Six: Introduction to Late Preclassic Lowland Maya Early Civilisation ;
Chapter Seven: General Characteristics of Late Preclassic Lowland Maya Art ;
Chapter Eight: Contexts and Agency of Late Preclassic Lowland Maya Art ;
Chapter Nine: Comparing the Art of the Mycenaean and Late Preclassic Lowland Maya Early Civilisations ;
Chapter Ten: Conclusion ;
Bibliography ;
Appendix: Overview of the Narrative Micro-structures in the San Bartolo Wall-paintings

About the Author

Marcus Bajema defended his PhD on which this book is based at Leiden University in November 2015. He currently resides in the Netherlands and pursues research as an independent scholar.