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Published Aug 2017

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781784916794

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Mediterranean; Glass; Glassware; Hellenistic; Roman; Late Antique; Late Antiquity; Byzantium; Byzantine; Decoration; Production; technology; Thessaloniki; Greece; Balkans; Status

Archaeopress Roman Archaeology 27

Glassware and Glassworking in Thessaloniki

1st Century BC – 6th Century AD

By Anastassios Ch. Antonaras

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A detailed examination of the production of glass and glass vessels in the eastern Mediterranean from the Hellenistic Age to the Early Christian period, analysing production techniques and decoration.



Introduction ;
1. Production – Forming – Decoration ;
2. Secondary Glass-Workshops ;
3. Glassworkers: People, Artisans and Traders ;
4. Typological Classification of the Material Under Study ;
5. Decoration of the Studied Material ;
6. Uses of Glass Vessels ;
7. Chronological Overview of the Finds – Conclusions ;
8. Catalogue of the Glass Vessels ;
9. Catalogue and Brief History of the Excavations and Find-Spots of the Glass Vessels ;
Glossary of Technological Terms Related to Glassworking ;
Plates ;
Bibliography and Abbreviations ;
Index of Places

About the Author

Anastassios C. Antonaras, a specialist in the history of glass, jewellery and textiles, is an archaeologist and curator at the Museum of Byzantine Culture, Thessaloniki. His books include: Glassworking, Ancient and Medieval: Terminology, Technology and Typology; A Greek- English-English-Greek Dictionary; Roman and Early Christian Glassworking: Vessels from Thessaloniki and its Region (which received a prize from the Academy of Athens in 2010); Fire and Sand: Ancient Glass in the Princeton University Art Museum; and Artisanal Production in Ancient and Byzantine Thessaloniki: Archaeological, Literary and Epigraphic Evidence. Antonaras has organized numerous exhibitions and symposia, and has published numerous articles on objects from Thessaloniki. He currently serves on the board of the Christian Archaeological Association and is the secretary general of the International Association for the History of Glass.