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Archaeopress Archaeology


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Prospection; Archaeology; Archaeological method; archaeological theory; conference proceedings; Archaeological prospection; ICAP

AP2017: 12th International Conference of Archaeological Prospection

12th-16th September 2017, University of Bradford

Edited by Benjamin Jennings, Christopher Gaffney, Thomas Sparrow, Sue Gaffney

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The Proceedings of 12th International Conference of Archaeological Prospection draws together over 100 papers addressing archaeological prospection techniques, methodologies and case studies from around the world.



Introduction – by Ben Jennings, Chris Gaffney, Tom Sparrow and Sue Gaffney ;
The use of digital mobile technologies for geoarchaeological survey: the examples of the Pinilla del Valle raw materials project – by Ana Abrunhosa, João Cascalheira, Alfredo Pérez-González, Juan Luís Arsuaga and Enrique Baquedano ;
A multi-methodological approach on a historic wall structure of Heptapyrgion fortress thessaloniki greece: a case study – by Dimitrios Angelis, Panagiotis Tsourlos, Gregory Tsokas, George Vargemezis and Georgia Zacharopoulou ;
Settling selection patterns and settlement layout development in the Chalcolithic Cucuteni culture of northeastern Romania. Interpretation and presentation of prospection results – by Andrei Asăndulesei, Felix-Adrian Tencariu, Mihaela Asăndulesei and Radu-Ștefan Balaur ;
Monitoring marine construction zones through the iterative use of geophysics and diving – by P A Baggaley, L H Tizzard and S H L Arnott ;
Geophysical studies in Maya sites of the Caribbean coast, Quintana Roo, Mexico – by Luis Barba, Jorge Blancas, Agustín Ortiz, Patricia Meehan, Roberto Magdaleno and Claudia Trejo ;
Investigations of Esie steatite structures using geophysical, petrological and geotechnical techniques – by A M Bello, V Makinde, O Mustapha and M Gbadebo ;
Revealing the topography of the Ancient Kition (Larnaka, Cyprus): an integrated approach – by Christophe Benech, Marine Audebert, Antoine Chevalier, Lionel Darras, Sébastien Flageul, Sabine Fourrier, Alexandre Rabot, Fayçal Réjiba, Cyril Schamper and Alain Tabbagh ;
3D induced polarization and electrical resistivity tomography surveys from an archaeological site – by Meriç Aziz Berge and Mahmut Göktuğ Drahor ;
Looking for the ancient Nile banks and their relationship with a Neolithic site: the example of Kadruka (Sudan) – by Yves Bière, Pierrick Matignon, Ludovic Bodet and Julien Thiesson ;
The forgotten castle of the Ciołek family in Żelechów, Mazowieckie province, Poland – by Wojciech Bis, Tomasz Herbich and Robert Ryndziewicz ;
Living in a post-workhorse world: observations learnt from rapidly acquired electromagnetic induction surveys in Ireland (…when magnetometry just won’t do…) – by James Bonsall ;
The magnetic signature of Ohio earthworks – by Jarrod Burks ;
Three hundred miles in the footsteps of Vespasian ... and the Ancient Monuments Laboratory – by Paul Cheetham, Dave Stewart and Harry Manley ;
Identification of buried archaeological features through spectroscopic analysis – by Yoon Jung Choi, Johannes Lampel, David Jordan, Sabine Fiedler and Thomas Wagner ;
Integration of ground-penetrating radar and magnetic data to better understand complex buried archaeology – by Lawrence B Conyers ;
Archaeological prospection of Medieval harbours in the North Atlantic – by Joris Coolen, Natascha Mehler, Dennis Wilken, Ronny Weßling, John Preston, Tina Wunderlich and Peter Feldens ;
Re-visiting Sutton Hoo: revealing new elements of the princely burial ground through ground and aerial remote sensing – by Alexander Corkum, Cathy Batt, Jamie Davis, Chris Gaffney, Mike Langton and Thomas Sparrow ;
Using geophysical techniques to ‘dig deep’ at Grave Creek mound for cultural resource management – by Alexander Corkum, Cathy Batt, Jamie Davis, Chris Gaffney, and Thomas Sparrow ;
Geological and pedological artefacts within UK magnetic gradiometer data for archaeological prospection – by Edward Cox and Rebecca Davies ;
Moving beyond an identification of ‘ferrous’: a re-interpretation of geophysical surveys over WW1 practice trenches on salisbury plain – by Nicholas Crabb, Paul Baggaley, Lucy Learmonth, Rok Plesničar and Tom Richardson ;
In search of the lost city of Therouanne: a new integrated approach – by Michel Dabas, François Blary, Laurent Froideval and Richard Jonvel ;
Subsurface geophysical approaches to understanding Northern Plains earthl