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H 276 x W 203 mm

190 pages

Illustrated throughout in colour and black & white (114 plates in colour)

Published Aug 2017

Archaeopress Access Archaeology


Paperback: 9781784916633

Digital: 9781784916640

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Guam; Mariana Islands; Pacific; Prehistory; Archaeology; Heritage; Tradition; Ethnoarchaeology

Rediscovering Heritage through Artefacts, Sites, and Landscapes: Translating a 3500-year Record at Ritidian, Guam

By Mike T. Carson

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The Ritidian Site in Guam reveals the full scope of traditional cultural heritage in the Mariana Islands since 1500 B.C. The material records here have been incorporated into a cohesive narrative in chronological order to learn about the profound heritage of this special site and its larger research contributions.



Chapter 1 Life, Lore, and Landscape of a Stirring Place; Chapter 2 Natural Setting; Chapter 3 Cultural Traditions; Chapter 4 Written History; Chapter 5 De-coding the Archaeological Records; Chapter 6 Ritidian at 1500–1100 B.C.; Chapter 7 Ritidian at 1100–700 B.C.; Chapter 8 Ritidian at 700 B.C. –A.D. 1; Chapter 9 Ritidian at A.D. 1–500; Chapter 10 Ritidian at A.D. 500–1000; Chapter 11 Ritidian at A.D. 1000–1700; Chapter 12 Living Legacy; References