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Published Sep 2017

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Balsas; Guerrero; Mexico; Mesoamerica; Pottery; Chronology; Ceramics; Pre-Columbian; Trade; Production

Paris Monographs in American Archaeology 48

Ancient Engineering: Selective Ceramic Processing in the Middle Balsas Region of Guerrero, Mexico

By Jennifer Meanwell

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This volume has two main objectives: establishing a chronology of the Middle Balsas and detailing the region’s pottery production methods. The author posits that pottery intended for different functions was often deliberately made and/or decorated in ways that were chosen to make the vessels more appropriate for their intended functions.



Chapter 1: Introduction: Problem Statement, Theoretical Underpinnings, and the Ecology of the Middle Balsas Region ;
Chapter 2: Previous Work and Contemporary Archaeological Projects in and Surrounding the Middle Balsas Region ;
Chapter 3: Methods ;
Chapter 4: Field Results from the Sites of La Quesería, Itzímbaro, and Mexiquito ;
Chapter 5: Results from Laboratory Analyses and Replication Studies ;
Chapter 6: Patterns in Middle Balsas Pottery Production and their Interpretation ;
Chapter 7: Conclusions ;
Bibliography ;
Appendix 1: Registry of Bags from La Quesería, Itzímbaro, and Mexiquito ;
Appendix 2: Ceramic Analysis ;
Appendix 3: Diameter and Thickness Measurements ;
Appendix 4: Obsidian Analysis ;
Appendix 5: Figurine Analysis ;
Appendix 6: Raw Point Count Data ;
Appendix 7: Strength Test Data