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Published Jun 2017

Archaeopress Archaeology


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Archaic humans; hominid; hominim; Evolution; Palaeolithic; Europe; Mediterranean; Spain; France; Britain

Palaeolithic Pioneers: Behaviour, abilities, and activity of early Homo in European landscapes around the western Mediterranean basin ~1.3-0.05 Ma.

By Michael J. Walker

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Archaic humans were present for over a million years in western Mediterranean Europe where they left very many traces of their early stone-age activities and behaviour, and sometimes even human skeletal remains. This book evaluates archaeological findings about their life-ways at many important sites in Italy, southern France, and Spain.



1. Introduction; 2. Background; 3. Significant Matters of Quaternary Early Human Palaeobiology; 4. Early Homo: Life-History, Stone artifacts, Stone tools, Dispersal; 5. Evidence from southern Europe before the Jaramillo sub-chron; 6. Humans in southwestern Europe between the Jatamillo sub-chron and the Matuyama-Brunhes boundary; 7. After the Matuyama-Brunhes boundary: the Early Middle Pleistocene in western Mediterranean Europe; 8. The later Middle Pleistocene and onset of the early Late Pleistocene in western Mediterranean Europe; 9. Problems of MIS-4 and MIS-3; 10. Whatever happened to…?; 11. References

About the Author

Michael Walker (Colchester, 1941) is Honorific Emeritus Professor in the Department of Zoology and Physical Anthropology at the University of Murcia in Spain, and directs field-work at Cueva Negra del Estrecho del Río Quípar (Caravaca, Murcia) and Sima de las Palomas del Cabezo Gordo (Torre Pacheco, Murcia). He studied at University College, Oxford, graduated in Animal Physiology and Medicine, took the Postgraduate Diploma in Prehistoric Archaeology and gained his D.Phil. for research in S.E. Spanish prehistory and palaeoanthropology. Following a junior research fellowship at The Queen’s College, Oxford, he lectured at the universities of Edinburgh and Sydney before being appointed in 1988 to establish Physical Anthropology at the University of Murcia. Paleoanthropologist Erik Trinkaus (Washington University of St. Louis) and Michael Walker have edited The People of Palomas, Neandertals from the Sima de las Palomas del Cabezo Gordo, Southeastern Spain (Texas A&M University Press, 2017).