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186 pages

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Published Jun 2017

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781784916145

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Alps; Alpine region; GIS; Metal; Metallurgy; Archaeometallurgy; Circum-Alpine Chalcolithic; Early Bronze Age; copper; early copper; copper-alloy; metal distribution; topography; spatial; geostatial

Physical Barriers, Cultural Connections: A Reconsideration of the Metal Flow at the Beginning of the Metal Age in the Alps

By Laura Perucchetti

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This book considers the early copper and copper-alloy metallurgy of the entire Circum- Alpine region. It introduces a new approach to the interpretation of chemical composition data sets, which has been applied to a comprehensive regional database for the first time.



Foreword; 1 Introduction; 2 A History of the Archaeometallurgical Research in the Circum-Alpine Region; 3 Old and New Perspectives; 4 Introduction to the Use of Gis in Archaeometallurgy: Theoretical and Practical Issues; 5 The Circum-Alpine Region: Geology and Geomorphology of the Study Area; 6 Metallurgical Background; 7 Introduction to the Archaeology of the Region, with Special Regard to Metallurgy; 8 The Construction of the Database GIS and the Tools Used in This Book; 9 The Flow Model in The Copper Age; 10 The Flow Model in the Early Bronze Age; 11 The Appearance of Tin; 12 The Flow Model through the Landscape: the Role of Topography; 13 General Discussion; 14 Conclusions and Recommendations for Further work; References; Apendices; Appendix I: The Table of Sites; Appendix II: The Table of Objects online at; Appendix III: The Table of Mines; Appendix IV: Code “Normalise”; Appendix V: Code “Grouping”; Appendix VI: Code “Percentage P1”; Appendix VII: Code “Percentage Element”

About the Author

Laura Perucchetti is a researcher at the Research Laboratory for Archaeology and the History of Art at the University of Oxford. She is part of a team that is working on metal flows across Eurasia, where she is the database and GIS expert. She completed her undergraduate studies in Archaeology at the University of Milan, and her BA thesis was on the creation of a database encompassing all archaeological finds of the Bronze Age from the Italian province of Veneto. She obtained a Master’s Degree in Earth Science at the University of Milan, based on her analysis of Copper and Early Bronze Age metal artefacts found in hoards and on sites of Northern Italy. After working for two years in commercial archaeology she successfully completed a DPhil at the University of Oxford with a thesis in which she used a combination of GIS an chemical data on metal artefacts to understand the movement of metal across the Alps. This book is derived from that work. In her career, Laura has won several student awards, participated in international conferences and published an article in the European Journal of Archaeology. She is actively contributing to the lab work of the RLAHA in teaching, organizing seminars and arranging lab space.