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Illustrated throughout in black & white with 61 colour plates

Published Apr 2017

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781784915988

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Bronze Age; theoretical archaeology; new perspectices; re-analysis; Northern Europe

New Perspectives on the Bronze Age

Proceedings of the 13th Nordic Bronze Age Symposium held in Gothenburg 9th to 13th June 2015

Edited by Sophie Bergerbrant, Anna Wessman

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This collection of articles helps to explain why the Bronze Age has come to hold such a fascination within modern archaeological research. By providing new theoretical and analytical perspectives on the evidence new interpretative avenues have opened, it situates the history of the Bronze Age in both a local and a global setting.


About the Author

Sophie Bergerbrant completed her doctoral thesis in archaeology in 2007 at the University of Stockholm. She currently leads the research project Bronze Age wool economy: production, trade, environment, husbandry and society at the department of historical studies, University of Gothenburg; Anna Wessman is currently a PhD candidate at the department of historical studies, University of Gothenburg. Her PhD project focuses on south Scandinavian rock art, with a special focus on regional features and styles in relation to time and change.