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H 290 x W 205 mm

338 pages

36 figures; 57 plates containing images of 1524 coins (75 pages in colour)

Published Oct 2019

Archaeopress Archaeology


Hardback: 9781784915940

Digital: 9781784915957

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Roman Britain; Hoards; Bath; Excavation; Numismatics; Coins; Treasure; British Museum; Beau Street Hoard; The Roman Baths; Somerset

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Archaeopress Roman Archaeology 59

The Beau Street, Bath Hoard

Edited by Verity Anthony, Richard Abdy, Stephen Clews

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The remarkable discovery of the Beau Street Hoard captured the public imagination and became the focus for a major scientific investigation and a significant learning and public engagement programme. This book provides a thorough and complete publication and analysis of the hoard, which is one of the largest yet found in a Roman town in Britain.



Foreword and Acknowledgments ; 

Beau Street, Bath: OverviewRichard Abdy

The Beau Street Hoard: A Summary Account of the Archaeological ContextMark Corney

The Composition of the HoardBenedict Sayers

Laboratory Excavation and ConservationJulia Tubman

A Third Century Crisis? The Composition and Metallurgy of Roman Silver Coinage; Septimius Severus to Valerian and Gallienus Kevin Butcher and Matthew Ponting

Catalogue of the BagsBenedict Sayers, with Richard Abdy, Verity Anthony, Eleanor Ghey and Rachel Wilkinson
Bag 1 ; 
Bag 2 ; 
Bag 3 ; 
Bag 4 ; 
Bag 5 ; 
Bag 6 ; 
Bag 7 ; 
Bag 8 ; 
Loose Coins ; 
Plate Concordance ; 

About the Author

Verity Anthony is Visitor Experience and Collections Manager at Cornwall’s Regimental Museum. Prior to that she has worked in collections roles at the Museum of London and at The Roman Baths, where she played a major part in the Beau Street Hoard project.

Richard Abdy has been curator of Roman coins at the British Museum for many years, with particular interest in the middle and later imperial periods of the Roman Empire. He is in the process of publishing RIC II.3 on the coinage of Hadrian and has had long experience of recording Roman coin hoards through work on Treasure cases in England.

Stephen Clews is the Manager of the Roman Baths and Pump Room in Bath, where he has worked on the re-development and re-display of the site and its collections for more than thirty years. He also enjoys an occasional glass of spa water.