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Published Apr 2017

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781784915742

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Kenilworth Castle; Warwickshire; Excavations; Elizabethan Garden; Reconstruction; English Heritage; MOLA Northampton; English Civil War

The Archaeology of Kenilworth Castle’s Elizabethan Garden

Excavation and Investigation 2004–2008

By Brian Dix, Stephen Parry, Claire Finn

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Reports on archaeologcial excavations at Kenilworth Castle, Warwickshire, relating to the Elizabethan garden, as well as medieval remains, later Civil War activity, and more recent land-use.



1. Introduction ;
2. Background ;
3. Aims, Objectives and Methodology ;

The Excavated Evidence ;
4. The medieval castle (1120-1563) ;
5. The Elizabethan garden (1563-1605) ;
6. Seventeenth-century developments and subsequent slighting (1605-1650) ;
7. Late seventeenth-century abandonment and the later orchard and kitchen garden ;

The finds, faunal and environmental evidence ;
8. The pottery ;
9. Other finds ;
10. Ceramic building materials ;
11. The worked stone ;
12. The animal bones ;
13. Environmental evidence ;

14. Conclusions ;



This volume is a worthy edition to the field of garden archaeology and will be a valuable source for those tasked with similar projects. Inevitably it will be overshadowed by its glossy sibling, but here we have the detail and here we have the archaeology.