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Published Jan 2017

Archaeopress Archaeology


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Croatia; Interconnectedness; Eastern Europe; Prehistory; Roman; Medieval; Post-Medieval

Croatia at the Crossroads: A consideration of archaeological and historical connectivity

Proceedings of conference held at Europe House, Smith Square, London, 24–25 June 2013 to mark the accession of Croatia to the European Union

Edited by David Davison, Vincent Gaffney, Preston Miracle

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Papers focus on Croatia’s particular interconnectedness in terms of social and cultural relationships with the wider region as the starting point for exploring issues across a broad chronological range, from human origins to modernity.



Interactions in the Old Stone Age: Possible Scenarios Using the Vindija Biological Evidence (Ivor Janković and Fred H. Smith); Contacts and Connections in Late Middle and Early Upper Palaeolithic Croatia (Ivor Karavanić); Adriatic Connections: Exploring Relationships from the Middle Palaeolithic to the Mesolithic (Dario Vujević); The Mesolithic in Croatia (Darko Komšo); The Development of Eneolithic Cultures Between the Sava and Drava Rivers (Jacqueline Balen); Croatia and the Crossroads of Early Greek Seafarers (Helena Tomas); Multiculturalists Before We Knew It: Keeping Pace with Bronze Age Trends (Sanjin Mihelić); Clay Birds as Religious Objects and Works of Craft in the Bronze Age and the Early Iron Age of the Balkans and the Carpathian Basin (Darko Maričević); Indigenous Pottery in Dalmatia During the Last Millennium BC (Vedran Barbarić); The Princes of the Crossroads — The Early Iron Age in Northern Croatia (Hrvoje Potrebica); Salona and the Sea – Some Observations (Branko Kirigin); Interaction Between Incomers and Autochthons on Roman Funerary Stones from the Croatian Region of Pannonia (1st –4th Centuries) (Branka Migotti, PhD.); Immigrants from Other Areas of the Roman Empire Documented on Siscia Lead Tags (Ivan Radman-Livaja); New Knowledge on Certain Early Christian Dioceses in the Eastern Adriatic Region (Ante Škegro, Ph.D.); The K-type Sword from Koljane in Dalmatia as Possible Evidence for the Arrival of Croats at the End of the 8th Century (Ante Milošević); The Gnalić Shipwreck: Microcosm of the Late Renaissance World (Irena Radić Rossi, Mariangela Nicolardi and Katarina Batur); Weapons of the Military Frontier in Croatia from the End of the 17th to the End of the 19th Century – Combat Equipment and Emblems of Rank (Dora Bošković)