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Published Dec 2016

Archaeopress Archaeology


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Papua New Guinea; Oceania; Pacific; Caution Bay; Excavations; Archaeology

Caution Bay Studies in Archaeology 1

Archaeological Research at Caution Bay, Papua New Guinea

Cultural, Linguistic and Environmental Setting

Edited by Thomas Richards, Bruno David, Ken Aplin

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The first volume of the Caution Bay monographs is designed to introduce the goals of the Caution Bay project, the nature and scope of the investigations and the cultural and natural setting of the study area.



Chapter 1. Introduction to the Caution Bay Archaeology Project ;
Chapter 2. Archaeology in Port Moresby and the Southern Lowlands of Papua New Guinea: Intellectual and Historical Contexts for Caution Bay ;
Chapter 3. The Motu-Koita: A Cultural and Social History ;
Chapter 4. Motu-Koita Contact in the Caution Bay Area of Central and Southeast Mainland Papua New Guinea: Some Linguistic Observations ;
Chapter 5. Koita and Motu Landscapes and Seascapes of Caution Bay ;
Chapter 6. Historicizing Motu Ceramics and the Hiri Trade ;
Chapter 7. The Natural Setting of Caution Bay: Climate, Landforms, Biota, and Environmental Zones ;
Chapter 8. Archaeological Surveys at Caution Bay ;
Chapter 9. The Caution Bay Project Field and Laboratory Methods ;
Appendix A. Comparison of Motu and Koita Vocabulary in the British New Guinea Annual Report for 1889-1890 (MacGregor 1890) with that in Dutton (1966) and Dutton (1975) ;
Appendix B. Other Apparent Borrowings in Motu and Koita in Dutton (1975) not Included in Appendix A ;
Appendix C. Established Borrowings in Koita with Comparative Evidence from Motu, Sinagoro and Keapara ;
Appendix D. Caution Bay Project Field Staff, 2009-2010

About the Author

Thomas Richards is Executive Director of the Heritage Conservation Branch in the Government of Saskatchewan, Canada and Adjunct Senior Research Fellow with the Monash Indigenous Studies Centre, Monash University, Australia. As a director of the Caution Bay Archaeology Project since 2009, Tom has been involved in researching Lapita settlements, as well as sites from earlier and later periods, from the south coast of Papua New Guinea. ; Bruno David is Professor of Indigenous Archaeology at Monash University and is a Chief Investigator with the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Australian Biodiversity and Heritage. He specialises in landscape archaeology, the archaeology of rock art, and the archaeology of Indigenous Australia and Papua New Guinea. His latest books are The Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology and Anthropology of Rock Art, and The Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology of Indigenous Australia and New Guinea (both co-edited with Ian J. McNiven).