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Published Jul 2017

Archaeopress Access Archaeology


Paperback: 9781784914943

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Mediterranean; archaeology; sea; trade; colonization; piracy; pan-mediterranean; Greece; Spain; Turkey; North Africa

SOMA 2014. Proceedings of the 18th Symposium on Mediterranean Archaeology

Wrocław – Poland, 24-26 April 2014

Edited by Blazej Stanislawski, Hakan Öniz

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Presents 22 papers from the 18th annual meeting of the Symposium on Mediterranean Archaeology (SOMA), held in Wrocław-Poland, 24th to 26th April 2014.



Preface (Błażej Stanisławski, Hakan ÖNİZ); Reconstruction of the Lost Temples of Palmyra (Ahmet DENK ER, Hakan ÖNİZ); Circulation of Christian Relics through the Mediterranean Sea (Alessandro LUCIAN O); The Wooden Medieval Ports (Alessandro LUCIAN O); Archaeometrical Studies of Ancient Window Glass Finds from Olba (Silifke, Mersin) Excavations in Turkey (Ali Akın AK YOL, Ayşe Emel ERTEN); The Conservation Project of the Mosaics in Metropolis (Ali Kazım ÖZ); An Ostothek with Mythological Scene From Avsar (Asuman BALDIRAN); An Ostothek with Mythological Scene From Avsar Aims, Sources and Objectives of the Project: ‘Constantinople/ İstanbul-Küçükçekmece – The Port of Destination of the Varangian Way: “Byzantinization”’ of a Rus Community Centre (Błażej Stanisławski, Sengül Aydı ngün, Hakan Öniz); Northwest Anatolia from the Perspective of Travellers: Social, Cultural Life and Archaeological Remains (Güngör KA RAUĞUZ); Submerged Prehistoric Sites in Turkey: Dam Constructions (Hakan Öniz); The Coastal Quarries of Lebanon: Case Studies of Enfeh, Batroun and Byblos (Jeanine Abdul MASSIH); Private Architecture from Ptolemais (Libya) (Julia MIK OCKA); Expeditions to Turkey – First Attempts at Heritage Recognition (Katarzyna JELEŃ); Some Oil Lamp Ship Scenes from the Roman Period (Koray ALPER, Eda Güngör ALPER); The Lion as a Symbol in Mesopotamian and Greek Civilizations: Archaeological Remarks and Historical Evidence (Krzysztof ULAN OWSKI); Architectural and Artistic Changes and Developments in Transjordanian Churches under Islamic Rule (Lihi HABAS); Examining Aspects of History, Religion and Trading Contacts of Ionian Colonies of the Western Shores of ‘Euxinus Pontus’: The Case of Tomi and Orgame (Maria GI RTZI); Amphorae Ceramic Stoppers From Risan, Montenegro (Seasons 2001-2013) (Marta BAJTLER); Applied Methodology for the Terrestrial Survey of the Coastal Town of Anfeh, Lebanon (Nadine PANA YOT HAROUN); Spatial Planning of the Narlıca Baths, Antakya (Nizam ABAY); Spolia in Seljuk Buildings (Osman ERAVŞAR); Everyday Life of a Medieval Ship Crew – Ceramic Materials from a Shipwreck near Novyi Svit (Veiber ALINA)