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Published Nov 2016

Archaeopress Archaeology


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Archaeology; collections management; best practice; Middle East; Fieldwork; conjservation; Heritage; Archaeological theory

Managing Archaeological Collections in Middle Eastern Countries

A Good Practice Guide

By Dianne Fitzpatrick

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In this guide, archaeologist Dianne Fitzpatrick sees archaeological collections management as a means of integrating achievable good-practice strategies into research designs and site management plans from the outset.



Aims and Objectives; Archaeological Collections Management Practice; Archaeological Collections Management; Recording Archaeological Collections; Short-Term: Registration, Analysis And Access; Long-Term: Archaeological Collections Storage; Implementing Archaeological Collections Management Strategies; Summary; Glossary; Bibliography; Appendix 1: Field Study: Syria and Turkey; Appendix 2: Survey: Archaeologists, Conservators and Curators

About the Author

Dianne Fitzpatrick completed her Bachelor of Archaeology at La Trobe University in Melbourne. Her studies allowed her to explore the discovery of the historic and prehistoric past by studying archaeological objects created by our ancestors. To better engage in the archaeological process she studied contemporary field archaeology at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, zooarchaeology and ancient technologies. Her studies also focused on the archaeology of ancient civilizations examining the methods and theories used to generate archaeological knowledge. The skills she developed allowed her to critically evaluate the way to set up research projects for collecting, analysing artefacts and interpreting material remains which underpinned her doctoral research at the University of Melbourne completed in 2015. She has worked as an excavator and independent researcher at Neolithic, Neo-Assyrian, Hellenistic and Bronze Age/Iron Age archaeological sites in Israel, Jordan, Syria and Turkey.