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Published Jan 2017

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781784914660

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Cheshire; Hillforts; Prehistory; Britian; Iron Age

Hillforts of the Cheshire Ridge

By Dan Garner

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The Habitats and Hillforts of Cheshire’s Sandstone Ridge Landscape Partnership Project was focussed on six of Cheshire hillforts and their surrounding habitats and landscapes. It aimed to develop understanding of the chronology and role of the hillforts and encourage local interest and involvement in their maintenance.



Chapter 1 Background to the Habitats and Hillforts Project (Jill Collens and Dan Garner); Chapter 2 The historical study of the Cheshire Hillforts (Dan Garner); Chapter 3 The Lithic Collection from the area around Woodhouse Hillfort, Frodsham (Ian Brooks); Chapter 4 The Lost Archive of Eddisbury: Rediscovering Finds and Records from the 1936–1938 Varley Excavations (Richard Mason and Rachel Pope); Chapter 5 Earthwork surveys and investigations at Woodhouse Hill, Helsby Hill and Maiden Castle (Mitchell Pollington); Chapter 6 Geophysical Survey (Dan Garner); Chapter 7 A lidar survey of the Cheshire Sandstone Ridge (Dan Garner); Chapter 8 Excavations at Woodhouse Hillfort (Dan Garner); Chapter 9 Excavations at Helsby Hillfort (Dan Garner); Chapter 10 Excavations at Eddisbury Hillfort (Dan Garner); Chapter 11 Rescuing a scheduled monument: Recent work at Merrick’s Hill, Eddisbury Hillfort (Richard Mason and Rachel Pope); Chapter 12 Excavations at Kelsborrow Hillfort (Dan Garner); Chapter 13 Environmental changes in lowland Cheshire: Hatchmere and Peckforton Mere (Richard Chiverrell, Heather Davies and Pete Marshall); Chapter 14 Pollen and plant macrofossil analysis of peat deposits from Ince Marshes (RSK Environment Ltd.); Chapter 15 Emerging Themes (Dan Garner); Bibliography; Online Appendices