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H 216 x W 280 mm

170 pages

Illustrated throughout in colour and black & white

Published Jul 2016

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781784914127

Digital: 9781784914141

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Archaeology; Heritage; Greece; Photograph; Photo-essay; Ethnography


An Archaeological Photo-Ethnography | Μια Αρχαιολογικη Φωτο-Εθνογραφια

By Yannis Hamilakis, Fotis Ifantidis

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How can we find alternative, sensorially rich and affective ways of engaging with the material past in the present? How can photography play a central role in archaeological narratives, beyond representation and documentation? This photo-book combines academic discourse and evocative creative practice to engage with these questions.



What is a photograph? ;
Itineraries ;
Boundaries ;
Traces ;
Producers ;
Re-collections ;
Encounters ;
Overwritings ;
Dispersals ;


Camera Kalaureia is a fresh, non-conventional, creative, and highly evocative archaeological photo-ethnography, combining all in one of Hamilakis’ ideological standpoints on archaeology, heritage, and the body, and against colonialism, nationalism and modernism, with Ifantidis’ masterful craft of the lens. Aimed at a broad audience, academic and not, the book does not merely present a visual alternative for ideas and interpretations in archaeology; it is also an artefact and agent, a contributor in the cultural production of the discipline itself. As a potential research tool, it is yet to be seen whether conventional archaeology is ready to take on the challenge.’Lita Tzortzopoulou-Gregory, Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens (2019): Journal of Greek Archaeology