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Published Aug 2016

Archaeopress Archaeology


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Numismatics; Iron Age; Coin Mould

Making a Mint: Comparative Studies in Late Iron Age Coin Mould

By Mark Landon

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This book presents the first large-scale comparative study of Iron Age coin mould. Iron Age minting techniques reveal a great deal about Iron Age political organisation and economy that has, until now, remained largely unreported



Chapter 1: Starting point; Chapter 2: The Literature; Chapter 3: Recording coin mould: aims and methodology; Chapter 4: The Henderson Collection (Braughing) coin mould assemblage; Chapter 5: The Ford Bridge (Braughing) assemblage; Chapter 6: The PuckeridgeAssemblage; Chapter 7: The Wickham Kennels assemblage; Chapter 8: Small finds from Braughing/Puckeridge; Chapter 9: The Bagendon study sample; Chapter 10: Coin mould from Old Sleaford in the British Museum; Chapter 11: The Turners Hall Farm Assemblage; Chapter 12: Conclusions; Appendix: Some experiments in the manufacture of coin mould; Bibliography

About the Author

Although he has been involved in archaeology since he was 10, Mark Landon never anticipated that the chance find of a single fragment of coin mould in the River Rib would mean that he would spend the next nine years of his life writing this book. He lives in Hertfordshire with his wife, Sue, where he continues to work in archaeology. He does not see nearly enough of his two children, Jermyn and Esmée, or of his granddaughter, Jasmine.