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H 245 x W 175 mm

276 pages

Illustrated throughout in black & white with five colour plates

Published Jul 2016

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781784913793

Digital: 9781784913809

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Lithics; Flintworking; Cult houses; Scandinavia; Late Bronze Age; Flint artefacts; Jutland

Late Bronze Age Flintworking from Ritual Zones in Southern Scandinavia

By Miroslaw Masojc, Mirosław Masojć

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This book is devoted to flintworking encountered in the so-called cult houses and ritual zones from the Late Bronze Age in southern Scandinavia, where thousands of barrows were built in the period from the Neolithic to the end of the Early Bronze Age



Introduction; 1. On The Phenomenon Of Flintworking At The End Of The Bronze Age And Beginning Of The Iron Age; 2. Temporal And Spatial Framework. Concept Of The Work. Methods; 3. Cult Houses. Definition. Idea. Chronology; 4. Specification Of Source Information; 5. Diversity Of Cult Features From The Late Bronze Age In Jutland; 6. Cult Features With Flint Assemblages From Northern Jutland; 7. Issues In Flintworking Technology And Typology; 8. Examination Of Wear Traces On Flint Artefacts From Ritual Zones; 9. Grydehøj Cult House. Results Of Biological Analyses; 10. Ritual Flintworking; 11. Concluding Remarks; Bibliography; Plates