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Published May 2016

Archaeopress Archaeology


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Ōsaka; mulit-period archaeology; Palaeolithic; hunter-gatherers; medieval; Jōmon; Chūsei

Ōsaka Archaeology

By Richard Pearson

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This book summarizes results of decades of Japanese intensive archaeological study and introduces some local museums conserving and interpreting cultural heritage in the face of overwhelming urbanization.



Acknowledgements; Chapter 1: Ōsaka Archaeology; Chapter 2: The Environment Of The Ōsaka Area And Its Changes; Chapter 3: Early Hunter Gatherers: the Palaeolithic and Jōmon Periods (ca. 20,000 BC to 950 BC); Chapter 4: The Expansion of Agrarian Society; the Yayoi Period (950 BC to 240 AD); Chapter 5: Consolidation of Political Power and Trade; the Kofun Period (240 to 600 AD); Chapter 6: The Naniwa Port as a Regional Center; The Kodai (600 to 1185 AD) Period; Chapter 7: Ōsaka as a Commercial Center; The Chūsei Period (ca 1185 to 1603 AD); Chapter 8: The Beginnings of Modern Ōsaka; The Kinsei Period (ca 1603 to 1868 AD) ; Chapter 9: Ōsaka’s Special Features; Appendix A: Site Descriptions; Appendix B: Sakai Historical Background; Appendix C: Ōsaka’s Cultural Heritage and Selected Museums; Glossary; References Cited; Index