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Published Apr 2017

Archaeopress Archaeology


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Cedar; Lebanon; Shipbuilding; mediterranean; material; nature; culture

Cedar Forests, Cedar Ships

Allure, Lore, and Metaphor in the Mediterranean Near East

By Sara A. Rich

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It is commonly recognized that the Cedars of Lebanon were prized in the ancient world, but how can the complex archaeological role of the Cedrus genus be articulated in terms that go beyond its interactions with humans alone?



INTRODUCTION: An Object-Oriented Archaeology (or, Redefining the ‘Archaeological Object’); PART I: Forests, Trees & Timber – The Realities and Relations of Wood; CHAPTER 1: The Enduring Qualities and the First Relations; CHAPTER 2: The Seductive Forests; CHAPTER 3: The Allure and the Distortion; PART II: Ships, Shipbuilding, and Seafaring - The Potency of Wood on Water; Chapter 4: Ships and Transformation; CHAPTER 5: Ship Construction, Myth Construction; CHAPTER 6: The Ontology of Obsolescence; EPILOGUE: Dark Ecology; or On Pins & Needles; Bibliography