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Published May 2016

Archaeopress Access Archaeology


Paperback: 9781784913571

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Iron Age; Britain; Migration; Material Culture; Built environment

Proceedings of the 17th Iron Age Research Student Symposium, Edinburgh

29th May - 1st June 2014

Edited by Graeme JR Erskine, Piotr Jacobsson, Paul Miller

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Proceedings of the 17th Iron Age Research Student Symposium held in Edinburgh, organised to reflect three general themes (migration/interaction, material culture and the built environment)



Introduction (Paul Miller, Graeme Erskine, Piotr Jacobsson and Scott Stetkiewicz); Revisiting Migrations in Archaeology: The Aisne-Marne and the Hunsrück-Eifel Cultures (Dr Manuel Fernández-Götz); ‘My kingdom for a pot!’ A reassessment of the Iron Age and Roman material from Lagore crannóg, Co. Meath (Alexandra Guglielmi); When is a mortarium not a mortarium? Analogies and interpretation in Roman Cumbria (Jennifer Peacock); Technical Weakness or Cultural Strength? Shapeless Jars in Iron Age East Yorkshire (Helen Chittock); Divine Horsemen: equine imagery in Iron Age chariot terrets (Anna Lewis); Burials of Martial Character in the British Iron Age (Yvonne L Inall); Iron Age Iron Production in Britain and the Near Continent (Scott Stetkiewicz); Religion and society. Cave sanctuaries and votive offerings in Oretania (Cristina Manzaneda Martín); From Huts to Huts: The Early Iron Age transition in the domestic architecture of Etruria (Dr Paul Miller); A reconsideration of the distribution of crannogs in Scotland (Michael J. Stratigos); New perspectives on British territorial oppida: the examination of Iron Age landscapes in time and space (Nicky Garland); High Voltage Meets Research: The E.ON 2002 Excavations in the Oppidum of Manching (Dr Katja Winger); The forts of Western Scotland: An interim study of internal area (Simon Wood); An approach to re-examining the chronology of hillforts and other prehistoric monuments (Johnathan A. Horn); Burning Questions: New Insights into Vitrified Forts (Dr Murray Cook, Fiona Watson, Professor Gordon Cook)