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192 pages

Illustrated throughout with 74 colour plates

Published Apr 2016

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781784912796

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Palmyra; Syria; Caravan Trade; Occident; Orient; Archaeology; Mesopotamia

Palmyrena: City, Hinterland and Caravan Trade between Orient and Occident

Proceedings of the Conference held in Athens, December 1-3, 2012

Edited by Jørgen Christian Meyer, Eivind Heldaas Seland, Nils Anfinset

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The contributions to this volume address the archaeology and history of the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra.



Introduction (Jørgen Christian Meyer, Eivind Heldaas Seland, Nils Anfinset); Palmyra, Pastoral Nomads, and City-State Kings in the Old Babylonian Period: Interaction in the Semi-Arid Syrian Landscape (Kristina J. Hesse); The Venice of the Sands: Palmyrene Trade Revisited (Michael Sommer); Trade Across Frontiers: Foreign Relations of a Caravan City (Michał Gawlikowski); Palmyra and the Chinese Silk Trade (Marta Żuchowska); The Palmyrene Temple in Rome and Palmyra’s Trade with the West (Taco T. Terpstra); The Road from Palmyra to Damascus in the Tabula Peutingeriana (Paola Mior); The Stage of Palmyra: Colonnaded Streets, Spaces for Communication and Activities in the Eastern Roman Empire (Claudia Bührig); Geophysical Prospection by Ground- and Space-based Methods of the Ancient Town of Palmyra (Syria) (Roland Linck); The Palmyrene Gods in the Works of M. I. Rostovtzeff and C. Hopkins (Pavel Alipov); A Roman Residential House in the ‘Hellenistic’ Town of Palmyra: Archaeology, Function and Urban Aspects – Vessel Glass (Christine Ertel and René Ployer); Seleucid, Roman, and Mesopotamian Influence in Palmyrene Pottery and the Question of a Palmyrene Identity (Christiane Römer-Strehl); Excavation of No.129-b House Tomb at the North Necropolis in Palmyra (Kiyohide Saito); The Vessels in Palmyrene Banquet Scenes: Tomb BWLH and BWRP and Tomb TYBL (Saeko Miyashita); On the Human Skeletal Remains Excavated from the Underground Tombs in Palmyrab (Takahiro Nakahashi); Inorganic Impurities in Teeth of the Ancient Inhabitants of Palmyra (K. Yoshimura, Shiqin Wu, T. Nakahashi and S. Saito); Agriculture in Byzantine Palmyrena (Knut Krzywinski and Jonatan Krzywinski)