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212 pages

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Published Jan 2016

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781784912390

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Mayan; Maya Civilization; Paleography; Mesoamerica

Archaeopress Pre-Columbian Archaeology 6

Archaeological Paleography

A Proposal for Tracing the Role of Interaction in Mayan Script Innovation via Material Remains

By Joshua D. Englehardt

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This volume explores the development of the Maya writing system in Middle-Late Formative and Early Classic period (700 BC-AD 450) Mesoamerica.



Chapter 1: Introduction ;
Chapter 2: Theoretical Framework and Methodological Premises ;
Chapter 3: The Northwest Maya Lowlands: Site Selection and Regional Background ;
Chapter 4: Ceramic Sample and Analytic Methods ;
Chapter 5: Interpreting the Results of the Comparative and Statistical Ceramic Analyses ;
Chapter 6: Comparative Analysis of Iconographic and Linguistic Evidence ;
Chapter 7: Interpretation and Discussion: The Relationship Between Material Interaction, Innovation, and Script Development ;
Chapter 8: Conclusions ;