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Illustrated throughout in colour and black & white

Published Sep 2015

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781784911980

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Elijah’s Cave on Mount Carmel and its Inscriptions

By Ovadiah Asher, Asher Ovadiah, Pierri Rosario

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Artistic and epigraphic evidence suggest that Elijah's Cave, on the western slope of Mt. Carmel, had been used as a pagan cultic place, possibly a shrine, devoted to Ba'al Carmel (identified with Zeus/Jupiter) as well as to Pan and Eros as secondary deities.



Preface Introduction Chapter I: Plan, Ornamentation and Surroundings (Asher Ovadiah) Chapter II: Mount Carmel and Elijah’s Cave: Context, Meaning and Function (Asher Ovadiah) Chapter III: Literary/Historical Sources (Asher Ovadiah) Chapter IV: The Inscriptions (Asher Ovadiah and Rosario Pierri) Epilogue (Asher Ovadiah and Rosario Pierri) Appendix I: Onomasticon of Masculine and Feminine Greek, Latin and Semitic Personal Names Appendix II: Hebrew Inscriptions (on the east wall, without continuation to the consecutive numbers of the inscriptions in Chapter IV) Appendix III: Formulae Appendix IV: Invocations Appendix V: Peculiar Expressions Appendix VI: Exclamations Abbreviations Bibliography Figures Index

About the Author

Asher Ovadiah is Hannelore Kipp Professor (Emeritus) of Classical and Early Byzantine Archaeology and Art History, Tel Aviv University. Rosario Pierri is Professor of Greek Language and Literature, Faculty of Biblical Sciences and Archaeology (Studium Biblicum Franciscanum), Jerusalem.