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H 297 x W 210 mm

250 pages

Illustrated throughout in colour and black & white

Published Aug 2015

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781784911782

Digital: 9781784911799

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Rivers in Prehistory

Edited by Andrea Vianello

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From antiquity onwards people have opted to live near rivers and major watercourses. This volume explores rivers as facilitators of movement through landscapes, and it investigates the reasons for living near a river, as well as the role of the river in the human landscape.



1. Dugouts from North Patagonia (Center-South of Chile): Sailing on Trees – (Nicolás Lira S.) 2. Exploitation of the Aquatic Resources of Lake Lubāns and Its Hydrological Regime during the Stone Age – (Ilze B. Loze) 3. A River Runs Through It: The Semiotics of Göbekli Tepe’s Map (An Exercise of Archaeological Imagination) – (Dragoş Gheorghiu) 4. Rivers, human occupation and exchanges around the Late Bronze age settlement of Frattesina (NE Italy) – (P. Bellintani & M. Saracino) 5. People of the waters in northern Italy – (Andrea Vianello) 6. The perennial rivers and the changing settlement patterns on the two sides of the Tiber in central Italy – the case studies of Nepi and Gabii – (Ulla Rajala) 7. Bronze Age Barrow Complexes on the Lincolnshire Fen Margin – (Peter Chowne) 8. Roads, routes and ceremonies: the Fenland Superhighway – (Tim Malim) 9. Continuity of seasonal access and occupation on the turloughs of Ireland – (Amy Bunce) 10. An approach to the fluvial networks of the Papaloapan basin: the use of the lower Papaloapan, México, from the pre-Hispanic period to early XX century – (Edith Ortiz Díaz)