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Published Oct 2015

Archaeopress Archaeology


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Bronze ‘Bathtub’ Coffins In the Context of 8th-6th Century BC Babylonian, Assyrian and Elamite Funerary Practices

By Yasmina Wicks

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This volume is dedicated to the examination of a small corpus of bronze U-shaped burial receptacles from ancient Mesopotamia and Elam, dubbed 'bathtub' coffins for their characteristic apsidal shape, reminiscent of a style of 19th and early 20th century bathtub.



Introduction ;
Chapter 1: The Bronze ‘Bathtub’ Coffins of Mesopotamia and Elam ;
Chapter 2: Mortuary Remains of Mesopotamia and Elam ;
Chapter 3: Death, the Afterlife and Funerary Ritual in Mesopotamia and Elam ;
Chapter 4: Ideological Aspects of the Bronze ‘Bathtub’ Burials ;
Chapter 5: Bronze ‘Bathtub’ Coffins in Historical Context ;
Chapter 6: Concluding Remarks Bibliography ;
Appendix 1: Catalogue of Bronze ‘Bathtubs’ ;
Appendix 2: Nimrud Bronze ‘Bathtub’ Coffin Grave Good Inventory ;
Appendix 3. Texts