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Published Aug 2015

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781784911706

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Monographs of the Sydney University Teleilat Ghassul Project 3

The Mysterious Wall Paintings of Teleilat Ghassul, Jordan: In Context

By Bernadette Drabsch

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This volume is primarily concerned with the re-analysis of the wall paintings from the Jordanian Chalcolithic period (ca. 4700-3700 BC) settlement site of Teleilat Ghassul, first excavated in 1929 by scholars from the Pontifical Biblical Institute Rome and latterly by Australians from the University of Sydney.



Chapter 1.1. Introduction Chapter 1.2 History of Research Chapter 2.1 Geographical and Environmental Context Chapter 2.2 Society, culture and ritual context Chapter 2.3 Prehistoric Artistic Context Chapter 2.4 The Wall art of Ghassul: Discovery and Archaeological Context Chapter 3.1 Settlement, Structural and Ritual Context Chapter 3.2 Subject Matter: New Interpretations Chapter 4.1 Ghassulian Technological innovation Chapter 4.2 Replication Studies Chapter 5.1. Subject Analysis, Symbolism and Significance Chapter 5.2. Art History and Cultural Significance Chapter 6. Summary and general conclusions Bibliography


'In conclusion, this book offers a very important contribution not only to our understanding of the Teleilat Ghassul wall paintings, but also more generally to the study of socalled ‘artistic’ representations in pre- and proto-historic societies, emphasising and rigorously applying the method of integral analysis and the contextualisation of findings, which alone can bring us closer to restoring meaning to the material expressions of cultures and ideologies physically, culturally and historically very remote from ourselves.' – Marcella Frangipane (2023): BiOr no. LXXIX 3/4