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Published Oct 2015

Archaeopress Archaeology


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Archaeopress Roman Archaeology 10

Die Römische Villa als Indikator provinzialer Wirtschafts- und Gesellschaftsstrukturen

By Mareike Rind

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The investigation of the Roman villa and its economic structures in the western provinces has clearly shown that rural settlement developed at different paces and intensities that largely depended on the specific region in which a villa landscape was intended and created, strongly linked to the existence of pre- Roman infrastructure.



I Vorwort; II Einleitung ; A. Rhein-Donau-Provinzen; B. Gallien; C. Britannien; D. Hispanien; E Africa; F. Exkurs: Balkanprovinzen (Macedonia, Thracia, Moesia, Dalmatia und Dacia); G. Provinzübergreifender Vergleich und Zusammenfassung; H. Fazit; I. Overall Comparison and Summary; J. Conclusions; III Abkürzungsverzeichnis