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Published Jul 2015

Archaeopress Archaeology


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Bronze Age Tell Communities in Context: An Exploration Into Culture, Society and the Study of European Prehistory. Part 1

Critique: Europe and the Mediterranean

By Tobias L. Kienlin

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This study challenges current modelling of Bronze Age tell communities in the Carpathian Basin in terms of the evolution of functionally-differentiated, hierarchical or 'proto-urban' society under the influence of Mediterranean palatial centres.



I. Approaches to Neolithic and Bronze Age Tell Settlement in the Carpathian Basin ;
I.1 Introduction: Stone Age, Bronze Age and Archaeological Perception ;
I.2 Neolithic Tell Settlement in the Carpathian Basin ;
I.3 Bronze Age Tell Settlement in the Carpathian Basin ;

II. Europe and the Mediterranean: Dependency or Delusion? ;
II.1 ‘Fault Lines’ and the Bronze Age ‘Other’ ;
II.2 Homer, Heroes and the Bronze Age ;
II.3 Bronze Age ‘Centre’ and ‘Periphery’? ;
II.4 The ‘Emergence of Civilisation’, or just: Contingency and Culture Change in Bronze Age Greece? ;

III. Epilogue ;
III.1 Exploring Divergent Trajectories in Bronze Age Europe