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Published Jul 2015

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781784911294

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Word Becomes Image: Openwork vessels as a reflection of Late Antique transformation

By Hallie G. Meredith

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Presents a diachronic investigation providing a rich case study as well as an approach tracing the contours of a category of Roman material culture defined by the Roman period technique of openwork carving. This work shows how openwork vessels are a reflection of a wide-reaching Roman cultural aesthetic.



Introduction: Word becomes Image Inscriptional Art Animating Ancient Art The Emergence of a Late Antique Tradition Case Study Reflects Cultural Transformations Chapter Overviews I. Crafting the Value of Glass: Non-Narrative Texts: Reception of Craft in Late Antiquity Archaeological and Textual Evidence of Three Stages of Glass Trade and Production The Cold-Working Stage: the Tertiary Production of Glass Vessels The Value of Craftsmanship II. Openwork Vessels: A Roman Category: High Relief Material Culture: A Late Roman Cultural Aesthetic Blurring the Boundaries between Text and Image in the Fourth Century Re-Viewing Open Work Vessels: Reflections of a Roman Cultural Aesthetic III. Inscribing Openwork Vessels with Meaning: Previous Typologies Schematic Typology of Openwork Vessels The Movement of Openwork Vessels throughout the Roman Empire Openwork Vessels in Grave Assemblages Conclusion Bibliography Appendix: Contemporaneous, Regionally Distributed Inscribed Glassware Glossary Catalogue: Country (Provenance or Currently), Figure Number, Present (or Last) Location, Descriptive Title Known as Catalogue Figure Sample Catalogue Figures CD: Full catalogue with images in colour