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Published Apr 2015

Archaeopress Archaeology


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Isles of the Dead?

The setting and function of the Bronze Age chambered cairns and cists of the Isles of Scilly

By Katharine Sawyer

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The number and density of megalithic chambered cairns in the Isles of Scilly, a tiny archipelago that forms the most south-westerly part of the British Isles, has been remarked upon since the 18th century. Isles of the Dead? examines these sites, generally known as entrance graves, and the associated cist graves.



1 Introduction 2 Recent approaches to the study of megaliths and their application to Scilly 3 Previous research on the entrance graves and cists of Scilly 4 The physical characteristics of the scillonian entrance graves and cists 5 The contents of the Scillonian entrance graves and cists 6 The setting of the Scillonian entrance graves and cists 7 The function of the Scillonian sites 8 Dating the entrance graves and cists 9 Comparisons with chambered cairns and cists elsewhere in the British Isles and Brittany 10 Conclusions Appendix 1: Catalogue of Scillonian entrance graves and cists and their contents Appendix 2: Concordance of sites. Appendix 3: Extracts from the notebooks of George Bonsor Bibliography