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Published Apr 2015

Archaeopress Archaeology


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Aegean Mercenaries in Light of the Bible

Clash of cultures in the story of David and Goliath

By Simona Rodan

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This study employs a textual analysis (literary and philological) of the story of the duel of David and Goliath and, together with its comparison to Greek, Egyptian and Mesopotamian literary sources, historical analysis alongside comparative analysis with archaeological findings.



Introduction ;

1. Aegean mercenaries and their role in the Near East and in Egypt since the 8th century BCE ;

2. Aegean mercenaries in the Bible ;
Research approaches to the story of the duel between David and Goliath and the figure of Goliath ;
Who were the opponents in the duel and when did the event take place? ;
The defensive armament of Goliath and conclusions about his identity and name ;
The name is the message: four proofs ;
Who was the enemy represented by Goliath? The Saites and their Aegean mercenaries ;
Saite-Aegean myths in a distorted mirror ;
The story of the duel in light of the biblical attitude to the Babylonian exiles and the Egyptian diaspora ;

Conclusion ;