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H 297 x W 210 mm

118 pages

Illustrated throughout in black and white

Published Feb 2015

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781784910921

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Material Culture and Cultural Identity: A Study of Greek and Roman Coins from Dora

By Rosa Maria Motta

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Presents numismatics from the ancient harbor town of Dor/Dora in modern Israel with a history that spanned from the Bronze Age until the Late Roman Era.



Preface ;
Acknowledgments ;
List of Abbreviations ;
List of Classical References ;
Chapter 1: Tel Dor’s Context ;
Chapter 2: Material Culture, Coins and Cultural Identity ;
Chapter 3: The Mint of Dora ;
Chapter 4: The Iconography of Dora’s Coins ;
Chapter 5: Epigraphic Analysis of Dora’s Coins ;
Chapter 6: Drawing Some Conclusions ;
Bibliography ;
Coin Catalogue ;
Coin Plates