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Published Feb 2015

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781784910907

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Archaeopress Egyptology 8

A History of Research Into Ancient Egyptian Culture in Southeast Europe

Edited by Mladen Tomorad

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This book will try to give a review of the history of the studies of Ancient Egypt done in Southeast Europe, and present some of the latest research. The book comprises a selection of papers in which scholars from various institutions of the region reviewed the different aspects of past studies along with recent research in the field.



Chapter I: A History of Research into Ancient Egyptian Culture Conducted in Southeast Europe ;
150 Years of Egyptological Reseach in Croatia (1862-2012) (Mladen Tomorad) ;
The Borderline between Predynastic and Dynastic Egypt (4000–3000 B.C.) in the Works of Croatian Egyptologists and Scholars (Porin Šćukanec Rezniček) ;
The History of Egyptology in Bulgaria (Emil Buzov) ;

Chapter II: The Ancient Egyptian collections in Southeast Europe ;
Josef Schwegel (1836–1914) and His Ten Years in Egypt (Tomislav Kajfež) ;
The Ancient Egyptian Antiquities in Institutional and Private Collections in Croatia (Mladen Tomorad) ;
The Collection of Egyptian Artifacts in the Mimara Museum in Zagreb (Croatia) (Ivana Čukman Nikolić, Mladen Tomorad) ;
The Ancient Egyptian Glass Collection in the Mimara Museum (Lada Ratković Bukovčan) ;
The Egyptian Collection in the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb: History and Research (Porin Šćukanec Rezniček) ;
Egyptian Collection of the Museum of Slavonia in Osijek (Croatia) (Marina Kovač) ;
Formation and Composition of the Egyptian Collections in Serbia (Branislav Andelković) ;
Ancient Egyptian Artifacts from Romania. Their Research and Future Perspectives (Dan-Augustin Deac) ;

Chapter III: The current Egyptological research ;
CT and MR Research on Two Egyptian Mummies from the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb (Mislav Čavka, Igor Uranić) ;
A Case of Egyptian Revival at the Turn of the 18th Century: the Painter Franc Kavčič Caucig and His Oeuvre D’Egitto (Vesna Kamin Kajfež) ;
The Cult of the Sacred Bull Apis: History Of Study (Nenad Marković) ;
Was There Ever a ‘Minoan’ Princess on the Egyptian Court? (Uroš Matić) ;
The Studies of the Ancient Egyptian Language in Croatia and Serbia (Kristina Šekrst) ;
Development of the ‘Croato-Aegyptica’ Database (Mladen Tomorad, Goran Zlodiii) ;

Chapter IV: The reseach of the Egyptian cults in Graeco-Roman world ;
The Early Penetration of Ancient Egyptian Artifacts and Dissemination of the Cults of Egyptian Divinities in Istria and Illyricum (1St Millennium B.C.-1st Century A.D.) (Mladen Tomorad) ;
Isis and Her Affiliates in Dalmatia. Some Reflections on Isiac Religious Communities (Kornelija A. Giunio) History of the Research of the Ancient Egyptian Cults in Pannonia (Dejan Pernjak, Danijel Štruklec, Mladen Tomorad) ;
Evidence of the Cults of Isis on the Territory of the Republic of Macedonia (Aleksandra Nikoloska) ;

Chapter V: Bibliographies ;
Slovenia: Bibliographia Aegyptiacae Slovenicae (from the middle of the ninetheenth century till the end of 2012) (Compiled by Vesna Kamin Kajfež Supplemented by Mladen Tomorad and Ivana Štimac) ;
Croatia: Egyptological Bibliography (1856-2014) (Compiled by Mladen Tomorad) ;
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Egyptological Bibliography (1889-1993) (Compiled by Ivana Štimac) ;
Serbia: Egyptological and Ancient Near Eastern Bibliography (1928-2013) (Compiled by Branislav Andelković and Milena Gošić) ;
Romania: Egyptological Bibliography (1959-2014) (Compiled by Dan Augustin Deac) ;
Bulgaria: Egyptological Bibliography (1983-2013) (Compiled by Emil Buzov Supplemented by Mladen Tomorad and Ivana Štimac)