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Published Feb 2015

Archaeopress Archaeology


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Archaeopress Roman Archaeology 5

The Early and Late Roman Rural Cemetery at Nemesbőd (Vas County, Hungary)

Edited by Gábor Ilon, Judit Kvassay

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Presents finds from thirty-seven graves at the Roman Cemetery at Nemesbod (Hungary), which consisted of mainly cremation but also of some inhumation burials. Detailed analysis of grave goods (bronze vessels, pottery, glass, personal accessories, lamps etc.) provides a study of burial customs and their evolution.




The Szombathely – Vát project and the excavation of the Roman cemetery at Nemesbőd (Gábor Ilon) ;

Studies on the cemeteries of Savaria and its ‘territorium’ (Endre Norbert Fülöp, András Radics) ;

The site within the landscape (András Radics) ;

The finds (András Márton, Endre Norbert Fülöp and András Radics)
Glass vessels
Bronze vessel
Oil lamps (lucernae)
Clothing accessories
Writing implements
Iron knives
The box
Carved bone objects
Nails, hooks
Indeterminable bronze and iron objects

The dating of the graves and related features (András Márton and Endre Norbert Fülöp) ;

Cemetery structure (András Márton and Endre Norbert Fülöp) ;

Burial customs (András Márton, Endre Norbert Fülöp and András Radics) ;
Terminology of cremation burials
Primary cremations
Secondary cremations
Terminology of inhumations
Defining the rituals of the excavated graves
Primary cremations
Secondary cremations
Features not identifiable as burials
Grave types
Cremation and the handling of cremated remains
Position of the corpse in the inhumations
The fill of the graves
Position of grave goods
Rites conducted on the grave goods
Custom of grave furnishing

Catalogue of graves, enclosure ditches and their finds (András Márton, Endre Norbert Fülöp and András Radics) ;

Interpretation of the graffiti (Andrea Barta) ;

Roman graves at the Szombathely – Vát sector of Main Road 86: results of the anthropological analysis (Gábor Tóth) ;
Materials and methods
Nemesbőd – Irtás-dűlő
Nemesbőd – Általúton kívül-dűlő
Vép – Surányi-patak nyugati oldala

Analysis of the archaeozoological material from the three sites at the Szombathely – Vát sector of Main Road 86 (Éva Ágnes Nyerges) ;
Description of the animal bone material
Assessment of the roman period animal bone material

Summary (Gábor Ilon, András Márton) ;

Résumé (Gábor Ilon and András Márton)