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Published Nov 2014

Archaeopress Archaeology


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Archaeopress Egyptology 5

The Role of the Lector in Ancient Egyptian Society

By Roger Forshaw

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The lector is first attested during the 2nd Dynasty and is subsequently recognised throughout ancient Egypt history. This study challenges previous approaches to studies on the Lector and explores his diverse functions in a wide ranging review of the relevant evidence.



Introduction ;
Chapter 1: Recognition, Origin and Hieroglyphic Representation ;
Chapter 2: Magic and Performance ;
Chapter 3: Equipment of the Lector ;
Chapter 4: Remuneration ;
Chapter 5: Temple and Festival Ritual ;
Chapter 6: Royal Involvement ;
Chapter 7: Funerary Ritual and Provisioning the Dead ;
Chapter 8: The Opening of the Mouth Ceremony ;
Chapter 9: The Involvement of the Lector in Healing ;
Chapter 10: The Title of Lector Recorded in Expedition Inscriptions ;
Chapter 11: The Lector and the Law ;
Chapter 12: Literary Evidence ;
Summary and Conclusions ;

About the Author

Dr Roger Forshaw is an Honorary Research Associate at the KNH Centre for Biomedical Egyptology, University of Manchester.


'The term ‘lector’ is a familiar one to any student of Egyptology, frequently coupled with the word ‘priest’. A lector priest would be expected to have had an important role in Egyptian religion, performing essential rituals and reciting the appropriate words to accompany them. This new, scholarly study by Roger Forshaw demonstrates that the lector had a far wider role than a purely priestly one... This comprehensive work should furnish even the most demanding researcher with as much useful information as he or she could wish.' - Ancient Egypt Magazine, July 2015