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174 pages

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Published Jul 2014

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781784910006

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The Evolution of Neolithic and Bronze Age Landscapes

from Danubian Longhouses to the Stone Rows of Dartmoor and Northern Scotland

By Alex Carnes

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At the heart of this book is a comparative study of the stone rows of Dartmoor and northern Scotland, a rare, putatively Bronze Age megalithic typology that has mystified archaeologists for over a century.



Preface ;
Chapter 1 Introduction ;
Chapter 2 The Stone Rows of Dartmoor and Northern Scotland ;
Chapter 3 The Semantic Structure and Function of the Dartmoor Rows ;
Chapter 4 Tulach an t-Sionnaich and Battle Moss: A Semiotic Evaluation of a Transition ;
Chapter 5 Structure, Function, and Motive in the Cairn Clusters of Northern Scotland ;
Chapter 6 A Theoretical Interlude: People, Adaptation, and Environment ;
Chapter 7 The Competitive Assertion of Ancestry in Neolithic Sequences ;
Chapter 8 Two Dartmoor Complexes and Aspects of Landscape Theory ;
Chapter 9 Conclusion ;
Appendix A ;
Appendix B ;