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288 pages

Published Sep 2023

Cornucopia Books


Hardback: 9780995756670

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Asia Minor; Photography; Ancient Rome

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Don McCullin: Journeys across Roman Asia Minor

Commentary by Barnaby Rogerson

Foreword by William Dalrymple

Photography by Don McCullin


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Don McCullin's photographs explore the mountains, valleys and coast of western Turkey, hunting out the most poignant and powerful ruins of the Roman Empire. His work offers a meditation on landscape, the effects of light on ancient stone, the way clouds animate the past, but it is also inescapably about past conflict.



Foreword – William Dalrymple

Introduction – Barnaby Rogerson

Preface – Sir Donald McCullin


I. Ancient Art in Istanbul

II. Pergamon

III. Bergama Museum

IV. The Troad

V. Troy Museum

VI. Aphrodisias

VII. Aphrodisias Museum

VIII. Sardis to Ephesus

IX. Ephesus Archaeological Museum

X. From Phrygia to the Lycian Shore

XI. Antalya Museum

XII. Pisidia

XIII. Burdur Museum

XIV. Pamphylia

Achilles to Augustus: The Story of Asia Minor – Barnaby Rogerson

The Stories behind the Pictures



About the Author

Don McCullin, the world-renowned photojournalist, has said, 'Photography has given me a life.' Compassion is at the heart of his work. Shot and badly wounded in Cambodia, he has been imprisoned in Uganda, expelled from Vietnam and had a bounty on his head in Lebanon. He has braved bullets and bombs, not only in search of the perfect shot, but to help dying soldiers and wounded civilians. 'The very least I could do was try and articulate these stories with the compassion they deserve, with as loud a voice as I could muster.' In 1993 he was awarded a CBE, later capped by a knighthood and a solo exhibition at the Tate Gallery.

Barnaby Rogerson accompanied Don McCullin on his three Turkish expeditions through Anatolia, which he described in a series for Cornucopia magazine. As a young man he compiled half a dozen guidebooks to North Africa and the Levant - a useful apprenticeship to writing narrative history books charged with a sense of place. As the publisher of Eland Books, he is dedicated to keeping classic travel books in print.