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H 225 x W 185 mm

190 pages

Illustrated throughout in colour

Published Jan 2016

Potingair Press


Paperback: 9780956824028

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Metallurgy; Northeast Greece; Ore; Classical

Rhesus' Gold, Heracles' Iron: the archaeology of metals mining and exploitation in NE Greece

By Nerantzis X. Nerantzis


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East Macedonia in northern Greece has rich deposits of gold and silver as well as copper and iron ores. The gold and silver were important to Classical Athens and even more so in Hellenistic times. This book looks at the archaeological and archaeometallurgical evidence for the mining and processing of the ores and the extraction of the metal.


About the Author

N Neratzis is an archaeologist working for the Greek Archaeological Service in eastern Macedonia. He combines extensive fieldwork experience with a specialism in archaeometallurgy; his recent PhD was on metals extraction during the Byzantine period, in N. Greece.