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Published Dec 2014

Potingair Press


Paperback: 9780956824011

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Metallurgy; Greece; Cyclades; Ore; Classical

Eros, mercator and the cultural landscape of Melos in antiquity

The archaeology of the minerals industry of Melos

By Effie Photos-Jones, Alan J Hall


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This book is about the archaeology of the minerals industries of Melos (in the Cyclades) in antiquity. The localities of their extraction and the type of processing they may have been subject to have been reconstructed on the basis of archaeological evidence.


About the Author

Effie Photos-Jones is an archaeological scientist and director of SASAA, a company based in Glasgow specializing in the scientific analysis of archaeological materials. She has co-directed archaeological research projects in the Aegean and carried out many archaeometallurgical studies in Greece including at Lavrion. She has published extensively on the topic of ancient technologies. Her current interests focus on early mineral pharmacological agents and the industries that made them available in antiquity. Alan J Hall recently retired as Senior Lecturer at the University of Glasgow where he taught geoarchaeology. His specialist research interests are in mineralogy and geochemistry. He co-directed the research project on Melos.