Xavier Faivre

Xavier Faivre is a research engineer at the CNRS, in UMR 7041 ‘Archaeologies and sciences of Antiquity’ (ArScAn-HAROC), Nanterre (France). As an archaeologist and ceramic specialist since 1988, he has participated in numerous archaeological excavation missions in Syria, Turkey and Lebanon. He was naturally interested in the abundant multifaceted clay productions of Mesopotamia, ‘country of clay’, comparing archaeological data and cuneiform Mesopotamian texts written on clay. In this capacity, since 2017 he has directed the interdisciplinary collective program, Argiles, extended to all chrono-cultural fields, from Prehistory to the Middle Ages.


Argiles : De la physique du matériau à l’expérimentation

ed. Xavier Faivre

This volume brings together the proceedings of four study days of the ‘Clay’ Collective Program (2018-2020) on the theme of ‘studying materiality’. The study of this polymorphic material has focused on four complementary areas: physical properties, construction, artefacts and texts relating to clay. READ MORE

Paperback: £75.00 | eBook: £16.00