Walid Yasin Al Tikriti

Walid Yasin Al Tikriti (Ph.D. University of Cambridge, Trinity College 1982), a former head of the Archaeology Section at the Abu Dhabi Authority of Culture and Heritage, and a lecturer at the United Arab Emirates University, led and supervised a number of excavations at Bronze and Iron Age sites in the United Arab Emirates. He is author of several papers on the archaeology of the United Arab Emirates and on water heritage including a book on the falaj irrigation system (English and Arabic).


Qidfa‘ 1: Excavation of a Late Prehistoric Tomb, Fujairah Emirate, United Arab Emirates

Walid Yasin Al Tikriti

This volume presents results from the rescue excavations of the Qidfa’ 1 site, a multi-period tomb (Wadi Suq-Late Bronze /Early Iron Age). The richness of the discoveries demonstrates the wealth and significance of the culture of the 2nd millennium BC in southeast Arabia. READ MORE

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