Walid Atrash

Senior Research Archaeologist, Israel Antiquities Authority

Walid Atrash is a Senior Research Archaeologist at the Israel Antiquities Authority. His principal research interests centre on public structures and Classical architecture. His is editor of the Cornerstone Journal of Archaeological Sites, Written in Arabic with a summary in English and intended for the general Arab public. From 1987 he has worked on the large-scale excavation project in the Bet Sheʼan National Park.


Cities, Monuments and Objects in the Roman and Byzantine Levant

ed. Walid Atrash

Chapters by leading archaeologists in Israel and the Levant explore themes and sites connected with cities and villages from the Hellenistic to early Islamic periods across the region. The result is a rich trove of up-to-date data and insights that will be a must read for scholars and students active in this part of the ancient Mediterranean world. READ MORE

Paperback: £55.00 | Open Access