W. Boone Law

W. BOONE LAW is a scientist and heritage professional that specialises in the Aboriginal archaeology of the Australian Arid Zone. His qualifications include a BA in Anthropology from Texas Tech University and GDip/MPhil degrees in Archaeology and Palaeoanthropology from the Australian National University. He has published articles on a range of archaeological topics, including stone artefact technology, rockshelter excavations, and geospatial science. From 2006 to 2011, he worked as a senior archaeologist and lithic specialist for Australian Cultural Heritage Management Pty Ltd, co-managing and supervising the Hope Downs 1 rockshelter excavations with Dawn Cropper. He is currently a PhD candidate in the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Adelaide, where his research focuses on the application of satellite/aerial remote sensing technologies to investigate past Aboriginal land use. Through his role as a senior archaeologist with Scarp Archaeology Pty Ltd, Mr. Law is an Associate Investigator with the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Biodiversity and Heritage (CABAH), James Cook University. He serves as Secretary of the Australian Archaeological Association 2018-2019.


Rockshelter Excavations in the East Hamersley Range, Pilbara Region, Western Australia

ed. W. Boone Law

This volume offers a detailed study of six exceptional rockshelter sites from the inland Pilbara Region of Western Australia. Consisting of 18 chapters, it is rich with colour photographs, illustrations, and figures, including high-resolution images of the rockshelter sites, excavations, stratigraphic sections, cultural features, and artefacts. READ MORE

Paperback: £90.00 | Open Access