Umberto Tecchiati

Professor of Prehistory and Protohistory, and Preh, State University of Milan

Umberto Tecchiati is Associate Professor of Prehistory and Protohistory and Prehistoric Ecology at the State University of Milan. Previously he was a museum curator and an official of the Superintendency of the Province of Bolzano-Alto-Adige. He is a specialist in alpine archaeology and archaeozoology and directs the UniMi excavation campaigns at the prehistoric site of Colombare di Negrar di Valpolicella (VR).


The Archaeological Excavations in the Castel Corno Caves (Isera, Trento, Italy)

Umberto Tecchiati

This book presents the results of two different excavation campaigns in a prehistoric archaeological site in a deep cave in Trentino Alto Adige (Castel Corno, Isera, Trento, Italy). The excavations uncovered a number of Early Bronze Age tombs deep in the cave and, outside, the remains of a settlement. READ MORE

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