Takehiro Miki

Project Research Associate, The University of Tokyo

Takehiro Miki completed his PhD at the Freie Universität Berlin in 2020. He currently works as a project research associate at the University Museum, the University of Tokyo. He has participated in fieldwork projects in Oman, Azerbaijan, and Pakistan. His research focuses on the processes of adopting and developing painted pottery, characteristic of southwest Asia from the fifth to third millennium BCE.


Pottery Making and Communities During the 5th Millennium BCE in Fars Province, Southwestern Iran

Takehiro Miki

This book explores pottery making and communities during the Bakun period (c. 5000 – 4000 BCE) in the Kur River Basin, Fars province, southwestern Iran, through the analysis of ceramic materials collected at Tall-e Jari A, Tall-e Gap, and Tall-e Bakun A & B. READ MORE

Paperback: £65.00 | Open Access