Simon J. Barker

Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow, Ruprecht–Karls–Universität Heidelberg / Ludwig–Maximilians–Universität München

Simon J. Barker is a specialist in many aspects of the ancient world, including Roman architecture and the building industry, late antique urbanism, and recycling practices. An additional focus is the application of architectural energetics to questions of construction and the economy, with emphasis on the labour of stone-working and the cost of stone architectural decoration.


From Concept to Monument: Time and Costs of Construction in the Ancient World

ed. Simon J. Barker

21 papers focus on modelling the costs of construction over the course of 2,500 years, from Bronze Age Greece to the early Middle Ages. They discuss both broader issues of methodology and particular case studies, with particular attention to the exploitation of raw materials (e.g. quarries), transport, and construction processes on building sites. READ MORE

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