Russell Mullett

Registered Aboriginal Party Manager, GunaiKurnai Land and Waters Aboriginal Corporation

Elder Uncle Russell Mullett is the Registered Aboriginal Party Manager for the GunaiKurnai Land and Waters Aboriginal Corporation (GKLaWAC). He oversees all cultural research on GunaiKurnai lands and waters for GKLaWAC, including archaeological and palaeoecological research. He currently sits on the board of the Aboriginal Heritage Council, which provides advice to the Victorian State government on all cultural heritage matters.


Fires in GunaiKurnai Country

ed. Russell Mullett

Anthropogenic climate change is becoming a reality, and in Australia this means longer , more intense wildfire seasons over a wider area. The GunaiKurnai people saw much of their Country decimated during ‘Black Summer’ (2019/2020), prompting questions about both the management of Country and its heritage resources moving forward. READ MORE

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